Promoting Participatory and Evidence-Based Agricultural Policy Processes in Africa A research project in support of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme

Project Structure

The project is organized across 3 working groups. Each working group will focus on a specific task, although some tasks will be jointly undertaken by more than one working group.

Working Group 1: Stakeholder interaction and policy mapping
WG1 is responsible for undertaking policy landscape studies in each selected country and organize the stakeholder interaction, including the identification or setting up of a platform in each country for the continuous exchange between policy-makers, stakeholders and the research team. This team will also conduct policy network surveys, analysis of institutional frameworks and policy processes, and a constitutional analysis. Moreover, based on these surveys, WG2 will theoretically derive and empirically specify the legislative decision-making module and the political belief formation module. 

Working group leaders: Michael Johnson and Regina Birner
Working group members: Eva Krampe, Felix Asante, Cheikh Sadibou, Patience Rwamigisa, Laura Seide, Jonathan Mockshell

Working Group 2: Economic Modeling
The main task of WG2 is theoretical derivation and empirical specification of the economic module including calibration CGE-models and econometric estimation of farm-household models and econometric estimation of policy impact models. Moreover, WG2 is responsible for programming the linked micro-macro FHM-CGE model including the policy impact models. 

Working group leaders: Sam Benin and Sunday Odjo
Working group members: Ousmane Badiane, Christian Henning, Johannes Hedtrich

Working Group 3: Voter Studies and CGPE modeling
WG3 is responsible to theoretically derivate and econometrically estimate the voter response module including the derivation of corresponding political support functions, and the theoretical derivation, programming and empirical application of the evolutionary CGPE model including simulation analyses for selected case countries. 

Working group leader: Christian Henning
Working group members: Christian AƟmann, Sam Benin, Johannes Hedtrich, Eva Krampe, Laura Seide, Sascha Stark