Promoting Participatory and Evidence-Based Agricultural Policy Processes in Africa A research project in support of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme

PEBAP Inception Workshop, Dakar, Senegal, 

30 May - 01 June 2012

The workshop was hosted by the IFPRI Dakar Office.

Workshop agenda:
Day 1: Introduction into the project: Objectives, theoretical framework and country level policy challenges

Day 2: Detailed presentations on theoretical methods and working packages

Day 3: Discussion, coordination and planning of next steps

Ousmane Badiane IFPRI-Dakar Senegal
Sunday Odjo IFPRI-Dakar Senegal
Michael Johnson IFPRI USA
Samuel Benin IFPRI USA
Regina Birner University of Hohenheim Germany
Christian Henning University of Kiel Germany
Eva Krampe University of Kiel Germany
Laura Seide University of Kiel Germany
Christian AƟmann University of Kiel Germany
Patience Rwamigisa AFRISA Uganda
Felix Ankomah Asante ISSER Ghana
Cheickh Sadibou Fall ISRA Senegal
Astou Diao Camar ISRA Senegal
Djiby Dia ISRA Senegal